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About ClientBase Online

ClientBase, the travel industry’s first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool designed specifically for travel consultants. ClientBase is an easy-to-use program that gives you instant access to key customer data.

ClientBase Online Keeps You "Connected!"

In 2008, Trams released ClientBase Online. This is an online, stand-alone version of ClientBase. There is no software to install, and never before has it been easier to stay “connected” with your customers. Our new ClientBase Online tool, now available via MySabre, offers robust access to your client database from any Internet-connected computer running Windows XP or Vista and IE 6.0 or higher. ClientBase Online gives you the competitive edge necessary for success in today’s changing retail travel environment.

Key Benefits

  • No software installations are necessary
  • Access your ClientBase database from any Internet-connected computer
  • Enhance your customer relationship management capabilities
  • Increase efficiency and productivity in your office
  • Deliver unbeatable customer service and increase agency revenues
  • Drive greater effectiveness in marketing
  • Maximize the turnkey marketing campaigns offered by ClientBase Marketing Services


  • Create detailed client and vendor profiles and implement personalized marketing
  • Advanced query and reporting
  • Merge to PNR allows agents to push profile data directly into the GDS PNR
  • Import GDS PNR segment details into ClientBase quickly and efficiently
  • Manage trip details including reservations, agent to-do lists, itinerary printing and invoicing, in the Res Card Manager
  • Live Connect to third-party web-based booking engines to seamlessly pass agency login and client data to the supplier booking site AND import reservations from the booking engines back into customers' profiles within ClientBase
  • Create multiple reminders to help remember common tasks such as collecting deposit, final payment, checking for documents, making welcome home calls -- all at one time
  • Print client quotes, or Trip Proposals to provide a format friendly print out of reservations you have made that does not coincide with receiving payment from your client
  • Maintain and track contacts and marketing programs
  • AND much more!
  • Workstation Requirements: Windows XP (Home or Professional) or Windows Vista, IE 6.0 or higher, Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 1.4.2_06 or higher, Trusted Site and Active X controls must be allowed.

Send a Professional Agency E-Newsletter

The CBMS EZINE is a monthly e-magazine that is sent to your clients each month. It is personalized with your contact information. INCLUDED WITH YOUR CLIENTBASE ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION, you will be signed up to participate, allowing you to increase brand awareness, and stay at the top of mind with your customers. Each month, this professionally designed newsletter is broadcasted to over 350,000 consumers on behalf of their travel agent. Subscribe to ClientBase Online, and get started today! Click here to see a sample EZine.

Build a strong database and expand your marketing power with ClientBase Marketing Services (CBMS) - the only complete turn-key targeted marketing program where you choose the suppliers you want to promote, and we do all the work for you.

Check It Out For Yourself

Try ClientBase Online by visiting the link below, and logging into the Demo. Experience the benefits of complete client profile management, reservation management from inquiry to booking, and activity management that will streamline your daily tasks and client follow-through appointments.

You will need an active Internet Connection, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

Use Internet Explorer to link to a product overview HERE.

Get the Most for Your Money

Never before has such a robust CRM tool, specifically designed for travel agents been more affordable! ClientBase Online is only $50 per month for a single user license. There are no other fees. Join over 30,000 travel agents and discover how ClientBase is your CRM solution!


Using the Windows version of ClientBase and/or Trams Back Office?

ClientBase Online is available to any new customer and all current users of other Trams products.

Not using the Windows version of ClientBase and/or Trams Back Office? ClientBase Online is now available!

ClientBase Online is a stand-alone Trams offering providing you with all the tools necessary to setup and customize your database.


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