Trams Crystal Reports

ClientBase Dashboard Reports

ClientBase Dashboard Reports are Trams Crystal Reports that can be downloaded and run in ClientBase Windows.

Alternate Third Party TCR Report Viewers

The ODBC Driver needs to be set up to run TCR Reports. Please call support at
310-641-8726 or email for setup.

Setup instructions:

Data Direct ODBC Driver

Embarcadero Interbase ODBC Driver

To generate TCR reports, a viewer must be used. We offer the TCR viewer free of charge; however, it does have some functionality limitations. Below are two Third Party alternate viewers. Both options are reasonably priced and offer additional features such as user permissions/restrictions, scheduling and batching capabilities, emailing and customer-facing web portal options.

Jeff-Net – Report Runner /Viewer/Batch/Web Portal

Millet Software Datalink 2011

DataLink 2011


ClientBase v. 3.09 Dashboard Reports


ClientBase v. 4.00 Dashboard Reports


Additional ClientBase Trams Crystal Reports

Trams Back Office Trams Crystal Reports


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